Who To Call When You Put Diesel In A Petrol Tank?

♫ If you’re having car troubles I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but that ain’t one ♫

What could be more stressful than breaking down on the side of the road in a country half way across the world! At least after reading this guide you will know where you stand and what you can do about it!

Are you a vehicle specialist and know how to fix practically anything? Then why are you reading this? Drain that fuel and get back on your way! If not, read on.

  1. First port of call is to ask the service station (or even that friendly looking bloke next to you) for assistance and hopefully they will be able to get you back on the road!
  2. Service station wasn’t very helpful? Next step is to check with the rental car company and see if your camper has break down insurance! Ideally checking their website before you go alarming them over the phone! If you are lucky and this is covered arrange for them to send the mechanic to your location and you will likely see their glorious repair truck within the hour!
  3. If you weren’t so lucky, your third option is to try and get in contact with your insurance company (travel and or vehicle insurance) hopefully you have this! If they are being helpful you will be back on the road in no time! otherwise read on to our last option.
  4. Our final and most expensive option is to call the roadside assistance, who you call and their pricing and policies will vary depending on the provider (see below for recommended providers). Either way after a quick phone call and a wait for the repairer to arrive you should be back on your way!

Have you got a traveling horror story? let us know in the comments bellow!

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